EcoIndustry Network

Gippsland EcoIndustry Network Base-Line Study

The Gippsland EcoIndustry Network (GEIN) is an initiative to assist in the development of a strong regional economy with sound environmental health.

The project aims to develop strategies and an aligned action agenda that integrates economic, environmental and community development.

An eco-industry approach
to regional development
aims to attract sustainable
new business.

Sustainable new business
means sustainable new
jobs for Gippsland.

The 'network' requires the development of physical and/or virtual relationships among regional stakeholders including businesses, governments, universities, community groups, investors and individuals, that will result in the more efficient and effective use of resources, such as:

  • materials;
  • energy;
  • land;
  • infrastructure; and
  • local skills and knowledge.

The benefits of local collaboration and cooperation include:

  • financial/economic, environmental and social benefits;
  • an improved living environment; and
  • a highly marketable image for the region.

The project seeks to identify opportunities for new businesses as well as linking existing activities in new ways - commercial activities that have not previously been identified or pursued in Gippsland or the broader Australian community.

While most opportunities for new investment will occur in the small business sector, the EcoIndustry concept does not exclude 'big business' participation.  More importantly, the GEIN concept is dependent on the inclusion of the broarder Gippsland community in the development of the future industries of Gippsland.

The Base-line study is a consolidation of much of the activity that has previously taken place in exploring opportunities for the development of new and environmentally-sound business opportunities in Gippsland.  It will include a list of actions that will bring some of those opportunities to fruition. is providing considerable support to this project with the provision of this site, which includes the ability for regional stakeholders to register their interest and actively participate in:

  • The development of the EcoIndustry Network Strategy; and
  • A detailed Action Agenda to bring identified opportunities to fruition.

A series of articles have been published outlining the main areas that will be covered in this base-line study.

On-line discussions have been established for each article so that you may contribute to the final report by having your say about the issues raised in each article.

Your contribution is invited and welcomed!

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